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Since 2014, we have provided exchange opportunities for our students and teachers in the cities of Bremen and Hamburg, in Germany, opening space for a new life, for language development through intensive courses and multicultural experience in daily interaction with German families and students from all over the world.

The courses and methodology of ZWEI and its partner schools follow the same schedule, and their students can continue at any of the partner schools without prejudice.


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As Germany has around 16 dialect groups and dozens of other branches, a few centuries ago a language of common understanding was defined, the so-called "Hochdeutsch", which is used in all media, universities and documents.


The Northern region of Germany is the one that is closest to this Standard German, while in the rest of the country, there are greater differences. This is the main reason that ZWEI had to develop an exchange in Bremen, where the student is constantly exposed to Hochdeutsch in their daily lives and not just at the school where they study.

Partner schools






The largest German school in Bremen, it was founded by educators in 1983 under the motto: "Talk to each other, get closer to each other".
After 40 years of quality German language teaching, it was recognized as a non-profit organization. CASA offers all language certification preparation and courses at all levels, as well as specific courses in the academic and professional areas.




our second partner school, is the largest alternative urban cultural center in the city of Bremen, where projects in the field of education, culture, ecology and immigration have been developed and implemented for over 50 years. Located in the effervescent scene of the "Viertel" neighborhood where young people, students, artists and popular commerce, along with the city's cultural scene, make Lagerhaus a must-see for anyone interested in culture and art. It is with this supportive and transversal perspective that German courses are offered. It is also at this school that one of ZWEI's first German teachers, Prof. Bryan Brody.



The Institut Colón has been the largest and most recognized German school in Hamburg since 1952, and also the most charming. Located on one of the most elegant streets in the city, surrounded by bars, theaters and restaurants, it offers students the international experience that only a "Weltstadt" like Hamburg has to offer. Courses at all levels are offered every month of the year at Colón Institut. 

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